It’s been awhile since we covered small apartment living, but this one deserves a mention. The apartment is located in Bordeaux, France and the renovation was carried out by architect Elodie Gaschard of Atelier Miel and Michaël Martins Alfonso.

The apartment measures only 484 square feet (45 sq m), and the architects first created a series of storage solutions, and built-in furniture pieces, with the aim of getting rid of the clutter, which so often plagues small spaces. They also designed a clever transformer piece of furniture, which allows for the space to be sub-divided in a meaningful way, while still connecting the separate areas of the apartment.



Despite the small size, the apartment has two stories. The living room and kitchen are located on the first floor, while the bedroom and bathroom are on the second. On the first floor they installed shelving along one wall, which features storage drawers, as well as hides the dining table that can be pulled out at need. This unit connects to a reading nook, which can also be used as a workspace. The kitchen features ample counter space, and is designed in a way that makes it appear larger than it really is.



The bedroom and bathroom are accessible via a staircase, which also hides plenty of storage space. The bedroom features a well-sized bed and plenty of closet space, while the bathroom looks roomy and comfortable to use as well.



All in all, this renovation is a great example of just how much can be done with a small space, provided that a good amount of planning and forethought go into the design. With so many cities across the globe becoming over-crowded and super expensive, clever solutions like this one are much needed.