The people behind the famous Mini have designed an urban home, which seeks to alleviate the problem of urban overcrowding. It makes perfect sense that the maker of ultra urban cars should make this step, and the only real question is why didn’t they tackle it sooner? They designed this so-called Mini Living apartment with the help of the Japanese architecture firm ON design and the Berlin office of engineering consulting firm Arup.


The Mini Living apartment prototype is basically a 323-sq.ft (30-square-meter) apartment. The novel and quite innovative solution that Mini has come up for this space are certainly the fold-out shelving modules which were used to create the walls of the apartment. These units can become anything that is needed, including a dining table, and a home entertainment system. The different modules are simply opened up and a kitchen, living area, bathroom, etc. is created. The modules can also be moved around to create closed-off rooms in the apartment, giving the occupants more privacy.



The unit in the photos was displayed in a Milan showroom, and it showcases a single Mini Living apartment. However, the designers of it actually see it as one part of a wider micro-neighborhood of such units. They propose that the neighbors in this community would also share modules as needed. It’s definitely an interesting concept that might appeal to young professionals or even retirees, although communal living is not the preferred way of living for most people.


According to the company, designing this space and envisioning it to be part of a larger community of such apartments, is also their way of entering into the debate about future forms of shared living. They are also eager to help solve the problem of urban living that so many people across the world are struggling with. It should be interesting to see what becomes of this concept.