European cities are even more densely populated than US ones, and finding a place that’s comfortable and all your own can sometimes be quite a challenge. Garden sheds are a popular solution to this conundrum. The one pictured above was designed by architect Tjeerd Bloothoofd of the Dutch firm Bloot Architecture. It is located near The Hague, in the Netherlands, and it is a very modern and ingeniously designed tiny studio.



This tiny studio measures just 280 sq ft (26 sq m), but it has all the necessary amenities. The interior is comprised of a single room, which is furnished with a working table, a large shelving unit and a sofa bed. The studio also boasts of a kitchenette and a bathroom, which features a toilet, sink and shower. The kitchen features a cleverly placed counter, which gives the sense that the space is much bigger than it really is. It is fitted with a fridge, stove and sink.



The intended function of this building was to serve as a home office, though it could easily also be used as a guesthouse, or even a tiny home. Thanks to the large skylight, the space is flooded with natural light. The exterior is clad in untreated wood, which will weather naturally over time and cause this structure to blend seamlessly with the garden in which it is located.


The home features underfloor heating, and it could also be fitted with solar panels, and even a green roof, which would insulate it even better. According to the designer, the basic version of this tiny studio could be built for just $30,000, though with the extra features requested by the client, the price of this one was $44,000.