A large part of the appeal of tiny homes lies in the unique design that these bite-sized dwellings offer. And the so-called Moon Dragon, recently created by the tiny home designer Zyl Vardos of Olympia, Washington is certainly one of the more imaginative and unique small homes we’ve seen in a long time. It looks like something from a fairytale, and can function completely independently of the grid.


The Moon Dragon is comprised of a 9 x 24 ft (2.7 x 7.31 m) main floor and a 9 x 13 ft (2.7 x 4 m) sleeping loft, and has a total footprint of 13.1 x 9 x 24 ft (4 x 2.7 x 7.3 m). Almost the entire exterior of the home is clad in Onduvilla shingles. The Dutch-style front door was hand built, and opens into a cozy and spacious living area. A wood-burning stove is to be installed here to provide heat for the entire home.

The kitchen features plenty of counter space (made of laminated oak) for such a tiny dwelling. It is also equipped with a five-burner range cooker, an energy-efficient fridge, two ovens, and a pantry. There is also an energy-efficient washing machine installed in this area of the home.


The bathroom is located at the rear of the home and features a composting toilet, as well as a concrete panel-lined shower and a hand-made sink. The bedroom is located in the loft, which is accessible via a storage stair. The loft is large enough to fit a double bed with room to spare, two closets, and its 5.5 ft (1.67 m) headspace is also quite impressive.

storage stair


All the cabinetry and walls of the Moon Dragon were built using mahogany ply, while cedar tongue and groove composite was used to create the arched ceiling. Cork was used for the flooring. The home gets its power from harvesting solar energy, though it can also be hooked up to the grid.



Given the amount of work and materials that have gone into creating this home, it is quite pricy (as you would expect) and sells for about $96,000.