This desk, designed by the Casa Kids furniture company based in Brooklyn, is aimed primarily towards kids, whose parents want to buy them a desk that will grow up with them. However I think it’s perfect for adults too, especially those working from home. It is very well designed, made from durable materials and built to last for many, many years. Just like the furniture our grandparents used to buy before the days of IKEA.

It’s called the DUMBO desk and was designed for children aged eight and up. According to Roberto Gil, the architect who created it, the design of it was inspired by legendary artists and designers, namely Jean Prouvé, Piet Mondrian and Donald Judd.

The desk measures 84 inches across and has ample shelving space suspended above it. This space can be used to store books, folders, papers, trophies, and much more. The size of the actual desk is also very generous and offers enough space for a computer and doing homework. The clever distribution of shelves also means that everything you need is within easy reach. Due to it’s all-in-one design, it would also make a great desk for small homes.



The desk is also only 1 inch lower than adult desks, which means that no adjustments are needed as the child grows. It can be made from birch, walnut, or oak wood, depending on the customer’s preferences. The panels can also be painted in different colors to make it more fun, though I suspect that the child would grow out of a painted one faster than a natural wood version.


Since the desk is custom made, its price tag reflects it. Prices start at $5,000, but given the quality, durability and lifespan of it that’s not even that high. Especially considering that children could easily continue to use this desk well into adulthood.