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Green technology is amazing. You have heard it all. Green houses, sustainable homes, solar panels, eco-friendly fuel, and so on. All that new green technology (or greentech) is growing in popularity and providing all the necessary tools for us to “save the world”. Green ways of waste disposal, green ways of handling your rubbish, and proper recycling will apparently be enough to do this extreme feat and relieve you of the responsibility of feeling guilty about the planet’s state.

But it’s not all rainbows and lollipops when it comes to that. And since every coin has two sides, here is some food for thought: Have you ever thought that you are actually doing too much? Maybe building a sustainable house is a good idea, but then adding all the rest of the greentech might just be overdoing it. We keep forgetting that being green is a collective effort and you can transform everything in your home to green all you want, but at one point you need to focus on your own life and not the planet’s. After all, you are sharing it with about 6-7 billion other people, let them have a go at being green as well.

The Sensible Approach to Sustainable Housing

Problem #1: The Price
Everybody tells you that being green is a cheap activity. That is hardly the case, however, as most of what you do to be green requires greentech. And greentech is definitely not cheap. Not in the short term, anyway. Yes, all the technology is becoming more popular and solar energy is 100% free, but first you need the solar panels to consume said energy, and those solar panels are definitely not free. While it does pay off in the long term, you do require a starting point, so when you call the company for a solar panel installation, make sure you get the right amount – one that will help you and won’t get you bankrupt.

Problem #2: The Geographical Issues
Picture a sustainable house. Where do you see it? That’s right – in an open field, often times the only house in sight. This is because pollution is just as a collective activity as recycling, and that is why sustainable houses are positioned in an eco-friendly manner – somewhere near green resources. And the more houses there are, the less green resources you get. This is why living in a sustainable housing is a very solitary job. And while it does provide a great relief to nature, you actually do spend a lot of fuel just to get into a social environment, do your rubbish disposal, or even visit a store. If you are planning on getting or making a detached sustainable house, always consider the social environment you are going to, or indeed, running away from.

Problem #3: Being You
You have your own life. You have a hobby. You have a job, a family, and so on. When getting a sustainable house, some people go overboard and focus all their attention on being green. Then days become a string of walks to the nearest lake to conserve water, building solar panels and waiting without energy till the panels get charged, doing DIY projects to avoid buying furniture or décor, doing rubbish clearance and driving to the waste recycling centre to do the green waste disposal, and then finding some use for your organic waste after eating. And among all that, where do you get time to be yourself? Sure, the planet is required to “be” at all, but if you spend all your time figuring out ways to protecting it, what is the actual payoff? Always find time for yourself, no matter how green you want to be.

So when you get that green sustainable house, don’t sacrifice anything for it. Your job is to merely be responsible with what you do and not dump it all for rubbish removal for the good of the planet. If you want to serve only the planet, you might as well move to a cave and hunt for dinner. After all, greentech is meant for enhancing the way of life and not reverting back to prehistoric times.

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