Vina Lustado, a designer from California recently created a quaint tiny studio. It’s a mobile (towable) structure, which can serve many purposes, such as an additional workspace, home office, guesthouse, or even vacation cabin. It’s called Sol Pod and, as the name suggests, it gets its electricity from the sun.


The mobile studio is made out of prefabricated modular SIPs (structural insulated panels) and measures 16 feet in length. Its slightly slanted roof is covered with solar cells, and it rests atop a standard sized trailer, which can be towed by a car.

The interior features a kitchen, which is located to the right of the door into the studio. It’s equipped with a stove, small fridge, and a sink, and well-lit thanks to a large picture window and a round window to the side. Next to it is a small eating area, consisting of a table and two plush chairs, which are also comfortable enough to be used as working chairs.


On the left side from the entrance is a raised platform that hides a sizable storage area. This part of the studio can be furnished with a desk and chairs and forms a very versatile workspace. Above this area is the loft, which can be used as a bedroom, lounge area or for storage. It is accessible via a ladder and features wraparound picture windows, which let in plenty of natural daylight and offer great views.




The whole structure is well-lit, which makes it appear larger than it is while making it perfect for working. The walls and floor are all light colored, which lends the interior a clean and bright look, while it also does not feel cluttered despite it’s tiny size. There is no word on price yet, but the mobile studio will be displayed at the Tiny House 101 Workshop on October 1 and 2 in Ojai, California.