This infographic looks at the impact the digital age is having on the environment. Taking proactive steps to lower your carbon footprint means more that switching of lights and reducing the amount of times you drive your car. Every time you switch on your computer or digital device CO2 is released into the atmosphere and polluting the planet.

Spam emails are extremely annoying to say the least, each time one is generated 0.3g CO2 are produced and, according to McAfee, as 78% of emails are spam they cause more harm than personal irritation.

Every time you use a search engine such as Google CO2 is released, multiply this to a worldwide level and billions of CO2 grams are generated on a daily basis. Streaming videos, films and music also has a marked impact on the amount of CO2 released. Visits to YouTube and Netflix are costing the planet dearly.

Furthermore it isn’t just your computer or laptop that is causing the damage, mobile phones also release CO2 each and every time you send a text message.

If you want to lower your carbon footprint, take a look at the infographic to see the biggest digital culprits and make a consecutive effort to spend less time on your digital devices to do your bit to help save the planet.

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Carbon Footprint Infographic