While living full time in a tiny home may not be for everyone, it is undeniably a very sustainable housing alternative. Besides, tiny, easy to assemble structures have many uses, such as a home office, guesthouse, yoga studio or cabin. The Little Cabin Company of British Columbia recently unveiled just such a versatile creation, which can also be a great glamping alternative for colder areas, due to the fact that it’s very well insulated.

The cabin is called Cobby and measures 104 sq ft, with a footprint of 12’ by 11’3”. They are insulated using blown recycled fiber, and can withstand even Canada’s extreme winters. The entire cabin is constructed using locally sourced materials, with the siding made using sustainably harvested cedar. While they can be hooked up to the grid, the company also offers a solar package to power the LED lighting and other necessary appliances.


Due to the superb insulation, very little energy is needed to heat the cabin. They are already fully assembled when they arrive on site, and can be installed in about two to four hours. They also do not require a poured concrete foundation.



The roof of the cabin has a very unique shape, and it is such so that it can handle increased snow loads and offer extra interior space. Given the high ceiling, the interior feels a lot more spacious than it actually is.

The cabins are pretty expensive though, and the one pictured above costs $19,200. However, according to the company, you can get one for less, depending on the level of add-ons and customizations. Apart from opting for the solar power package, future owners can also request a larger cabin or one with a deck and a washroom.