It seems like the shipping container architecture trend has been dying down, but there are still interesting projects popping up. Such as this cantilevered pavilion constructed by the People’s Architecture Office in China. The entire structure is made of recycled shipping containers, and they used these building blocks primarily so that the structure would be easy to move if needed.


The pavilion is located in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi. The structure has two floors, and the top one is created by six cantilevered yellow shipping containers, which perpendicularly overlap the ground floor and stick out the side of the building in an interesting way. There is also a roof level, which offers outdoor recreation space and great views of the surrounding area. The cantilevered shipping containers that make up the first floor also maximize the rooftop views, as well as provide shade for the communal areas at the ground level.



The interior of the building is basically a double-height atrium. They left the six shipping containers that form the top level pretty much intact (apart from painting them a vibrant yellow). But the six containers that were used to build the ground level were far more modified. The sides were cut off, and remaining pieces welded together. They also removed the ends of the containers and replaced them with floor-to-ceiling windows, which lets in plenty of light and allows for a great cross-draft.


Given the size of the structure, and the way it was conceived it seems odd that the main aim was to create a building that would be easy to disassemble and move. But then again, compared to a brick and mortar one, it is easy to move. The pavilion was completed in late 2015.