Graypants, a design firm from Seattle recently unveiled yet another beautiful collection of lamps made from recycled cardboard. According to the designers, this collection was inspired by the movements of flocks of birds, namely murmurations, and it is just as breathtaking as the natural phenomenon it is meant to represent.


This collection is full of dynamic very pieces, featuring sprawling three-dimensional forms. The lamps are all LEDs, and each “flock” of them is seamlessly connected to its neighbors. This is not done in a uniform fashion though, which means that the lamp looks different from different angles. In this way, the designers wanted to create the illusion of constant mobility to these lamps, and I think they did a good job.


Each of the lamps that make up these works of art, for lack of a better term, are also slightly different in shape and bear a slightly different pattern than the others, which means they give off different patterns of light. It is also because of this that the lamp has a more fluid form, effectively resembling birds in flight.


The best part of this lamp is of course the fact that they are made out of reused cardboard. This material doesn’t have very many uses when it comes to furniture or other installations for the home, mainly because it can quickly look cheap. So it is very nice seeing something as original as these lovely lamps being made from it. In fact, it’s hard to tell that they are actually made of cardboard and I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my house.