People that move from place to place often either have to rent already furnished apartments, or they rely on flap pack furniture, which is inexpensive and easy to assemble. However, even IKEA furniture turns rickety, if you try to disassemble and reassemble it one too many times. That’s why it’s always nice to see alternatives, which were built with frequent disassembling in mind, such as this line of modular furniture designed by UK-based Sam Wrigley. The furniture line is called CRISSCROSS and consists of flat pack cupboards, wardrobes and desks. Sam is a recent graduate, and his main goal in creating it was providing furniture, which would be easy to pack up and take with you when you’re moving.



The CRISSCROSS furniture system is made up of wooden panels, which resemble pegboards at first glance. These panels are CNC-cut, and only FSC-certified birch was used to make them. The panels are designed to be joined together into various pieces of furniture using removable brackets and locknuts, which are made of high-grade, anodized aluminum. These simple construction blocks can be used to construct all the necessary pieces of furniture. Assembly is easy, and does not require the use of tools. The finish they used on the panels is a natural, non-toxic wood wax. Customers can choose between a red, grey, black or natural color for the furniture.



Sam will be raising funds via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with the aim of bringing the idea to market as soon as possible. His campaign is starting on May 17, and provided he raises the funds he needs, he is also considering a number of add-ons to the basic line, such as hooks, handles, towel rails, mirrors and more.

I really like the look of this furniture, and I think students and young professionals will really appreciate it. I also imagine putting these pieces together might be a lot of fun, which would, in itself, make moving a lot less stressful.