When seeking a mobile home, converting a van into one makes a lot of sense. And that’s exactly what Christine On thought. She completed the entire conversion by herself and it took her 32 months, but the end result is a cozy mobile home, which is exactly how she wanted it.


She used a 2004 Chevy Express passenger van for the project, and went into it with no construction, plumbing or woodworking experience. She had to learn everything from scratch, but that’s not the only reason it took her almost three years to complete it. She also had to take care of her ailing father, renovate her condo, and move house.

She calls her mobile home Gypsy, and apart from being solar powered it also boasts of a number of interesting features. She added a fiberglass roof to gain extra headspace, and the home also features a storage area under the floor, and a large bed that can be converted into a sofa. The home can be used off the grid, and has lots of windows that offer great views and let in plenty of light. She also added curtains to gain privacy when needed.



One very interesting space saving technique Christine used was having the kitchen sink double as a shower. She used a large IKEA sink for the job, and I’m not sure this type of solution will appeal to most people, but it is quite innovative. To further save space, she opted for a projector instead of a TV.



She converted the van in an effort to downsize and live a simpler life. She’s offering a free guide that features advice on how to select a good van, proper insulation techniques, framing and other technical aspects of converting a van into a home. You can download the guide at Defying Normal.