With the summer in full swing in the Western hemisphere, tiny homes are gaining in popularity again. Especially since such homes make great off- or on-grid vacation cabins. And an excellent example is the new creation by the company New Frontier Tiny Homes of Nashville. It’s small, but opens up on both sides, which lets in plenty of fresh air and brings the occupants closer to nature.


The tiny home is called The Alpha and measures 240 sq ft. It is built atop double-axle trailer that was custom made to accommodate it. It’s clad with cedar siding, some of which was treated with the so-called shou sugi ban method, which is an all-natural process of pre-charring the wood to make it resistant to pests and fire. The home also features a sloping roof.


Along one side of the home they placed a large sliding glass door, which measures 8 feet by 9 feet and was custom built. There is also a drop-down deck with an awning, which creates a lovely outdoor space.

The interior is also very well planned out. The kitchen is located on one side of the home, and features a 33-inch farmhouse stainless steel sink, a dishwasher and even a 5-burner induction stove. The kitchen is placed atop a platform, under which an 8-person dining table, a bench and seats are stored.





The center part of the home is taken up by the living area, which, as already mentioned, can be extended outwards and is therefore quite spacious and comfortable. The bathroom is located on the other end of the house opposite the kitchen. It’s quite large for such a tiny home and is fitted with a bathtub, toilet and sink, and even an all-in-one washing machine. To save space, they separated it off from the rest of the house with a sliding door that also features a large mirror.


The bedroom is located in the loft above the bathroom, and features a king-size bed. It’s accessible via a ladder that can be stored under the kitchen platform when not in use.


Overall, The Alpha represents tiny home building at it’s best. The basic version, which doesn’t include appliances and furnishings, costs $79,000, while the fully equipped version costs $95,000, which is still quite affordable given all you’re getting.