Ana White, a stay at home mom and blogger, recently built a great tiny home in Alaska. She blogs about creating DIY furniture, so she has some experience designing and building things. Yet she still had to learn a lot about carpentry to complete this project. With the help of her husband Jacob, they designed and constructed this lovely home and they are now offering the plans for it for free.


The home is called Quartz and it is refreshingly uncluttered for such a small space. It was built on a 24-foot long and 8.5-foot wide PJ Super Wide Channel B6 trailer, so it can be moved around when needed. It doesn’t feature a water hookup, but apparently that’s not an uncommon thing in Alaska, where temperatures get very low in winter. As a result, there’s also no bathroom, but since it’s not the family’s full time home, that doesn’t pose such a problem. They are only using it as a temporary home to stay in while they build their permanent residence nearby. A variation of the plans they offer does, however, have a bathroom included.


kitchen loft

What sets this home apart from many of the other tiny homes we’ve seen are a wide range of innovative and interesting features. Much of the interior was left open to add to the spaciousness, and painted in grey and white. There is a sitting area with a trundle sofa bed that also has a storage compartment. The whole thing rolls out from under a second bed that rests atop a platform. The home also has a loft, and the ladder leading up to it is actually a part of the shelving unit.


The home also features a kitchen, which is basic but functional. It is fitted with a counter that can be pulled out to form a dining table, or even a worktable. The cabinetry only cost about $200 to build and there’s a clever wooden panel built into it that can be used to cover the sink to create more counter space.

dining table


Overall, this is a great example of tiny home design done right. And the best part is that you can get the plans for it for free at www.ana-white.com.