The River Den was built by owner Bonnie and her friend Denis Tremblay, since she wanted a tiny home that could easily be moved. Her ancestors were log-drivers who spent most of their time on the river, so opting for a houseboat was a natural choice for her. The unique tiny home is located on the Gatineau River in the town of Wakefield, Quebec.

The River Den is 33 feet long and 11 feet wide, and has 253 square feet of interior space. It was build to be used year-round, so it’s well insulated and heated by an antique wood stove. It also features double pane glass windows, some of which were custom cut into unique shapes. Floatation for the houseboat is provided by 5 pontoons, which also serve to weigh the boat down and provide stability in the water. They were made by the company Les Quais Navigables and are designed so that they freeze in the ice in the winter.



The houseboat has two floors, with the main living area located downstairs, and the sleeping area upstairs. The living room is comprised of a sitting area, a kitchen and a small bathroom equipped with a Separett composting toilet. The kitchen is small but functional, and it’s fitted with a unique sink that’s fed by a pump that draws water from the river. The home also features a spacious deck, which is ideal for lounging.



The bedroom floor is made of a steel grill, which allows for the heat to rise up and warm it. That’s a very unique way of building the loft, since it also adds to the appearance of spaciousness, and it keeps the cleaning simple as most of the dust and debris falls down to the ground level where it can easily be swept up. The home also features a custom-made wedge roof, which is removable and allows Bonnie to lower the roof height so that the home becomes road-legal.


The houseboat features a 60-horsepower motor, while the electricity needed to power the lights and pumps is obtained via 12-volt deep cycle marine battery that can hold a charge for up to a month. Bonnie is also considering installing solar panels, so that she could equipped the home with more appliances, such as a real fridge to replace the ice cooler she uses now.

She’s renting the home out via AirBnb when she’s not using it.