Splitting up with your significant other is usually stressful enough without the added problem of having to divide up a house. The so-called Prenuptial Housing (still in the concept stage) makes something of a non-issue out of that. It’s a floating home that can be physically divided up when the couple decide to go their separate ways. The home is the brainchild of PR specialist Omar Kbiri and was designed by Studio OBA of Holland.

The home will be easy to divide up, at which point each co-owner would just float away with their half of the house. Should they find love again, it would also be easy to attach the missing half of the floating home back onto the house. There’s no denying that there is poetry in the idea, though buying a home like this does come with the built in premise that the relationship might not work out.

They are planning to build the first prototype and begin selling the home soon, though for the time being it’s still only in the concept stage. The reason is that they have not yet fully figured out how to construct a floating home, which can be split in two. They have also not yet resolved the issue of how to power such a home, or the fact that it would need two of everything, namely the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and even the front door.


According to Studio OBA the home would be held afloat by pontoons and would have a modular interlocking design that could be separated easily. The size of the home and number of rooms would be left up to the occupant to decide on. The home would be prefabricated and made primarily out of lightweight carbon fiber and timber.

I suppose the power issue could be solved by installing solar panels (or another form of sustainable energy harvesting/generation) and two battery banks, or simply having two electrical hookups. And perhaps just having all the kitchen hookups in place would even preclude having to have two kitchens in the first place, provided one could easily be installed at a short notice.