When it comes to tiny homes, one of the main drawbacks is that they are usually only big enough for one or two people. However, as the trend of living small gains popularity more and more people are attempting life in a tiny home with families. And making it work. Driftwood Homes of South Carolina have recently unveiled a home that will make it even easier for families to downsize.


The home they designed is called Indigo, and measures 280 square feet. It was built atop a 24-foot trailer, and features two-bedrooms, a large loft and a generous living area. The kitchen is quite spacious too, and is equipped with a full-sized, four-burner propane stove/oven, as well as a three-quarter height refrigerator and a table that folds down when needed in order to save space.




The master bedroom is located on the lower level, and is designed to double as an office during the day. This is achieved via the Murphy bed, which acts as a desk when folded up. The second bedroom is located in the loft, which is large, yet the headroom leaves something to be desired. Though it works well for a children’s bedroom. The bathroom and master bedroom are both located right under the loft. The bathroom is well spaced out and features a large shower with a clever ledge to sit on.



Despite its small size, the layout of the home offers the occupants a lot of privacy should they desire it. And the clever use of fold up elements makes it feel quite spacious. Much of the home seems to be built out of reclaimed wood too, which is an added bonus when it comes to searching for a sustainable abode. Some key off-the-grid features, such as a composting toilet, a water collection system, and a solar power array would make this home even more appealing to budget and environment conscious families looking to downsize.