Putting wheels on pieces of furniture is not exactly a new idea, and I’m rather surprised not to see this type of solution employed by tiny home designers more often. Perhaps these Movables pieces designed by PolyLester for the Kunstfort Vijfhuizen arts center in Holland will yield some inspiration.


The arts center they wanted furniture that would not encroach too much on the actual art on display. The Movables pieces seem like the perfect solution to this. The units featured at the exhibition space are four tables, a reception desk, a projection wall that also features storage space, a unit for the meeting room, and a couple of stages that double as cloakrooms. The real advantage of these pieces is that each Movables unit can serve many functions. For example, the reception desk is fitted with shelves, and it can also be used as a workspace for two people. It is also possible to combine the storage unit and the wardrobe into a larger piece.


Since the pieces are all on wheels, they can also easily be moved around, and used to divide up the space. The shape and volume of the units are geometrical and clear-cut, which allows them to be arranged together like a puzzle or a life-sized game of Tetris. They opted for a white and yellow color scheme, so the units blend in more seamlessly and do not distract from the art on display.



It took about two years to complete this Movables project, due to funding and architectural issues, but it is finished now. I’d imagine that fitting a tiny house or apartment with furniture on wheels would allow for a much better use of available space, and it would be interesting to see some interior layout solutions designed in this way.