The company Aqua Design Innovations has recently released the so-called EcoQube Air, which is a small hydroponics green house, perfect for those wishing to bring a little greenery into their apartment or office, which goes beyond just owning a plant. EcoQube Air also offers light therapy and provides oxygen.

EcoQube Air is a soil-less hydroponic system, which features a dual-stage air filtration system. It measures 8 inches by 16 inches (20.3 cm by 40.6 cm) and requires almost no maintenance. It will start to work as soon as it’s plugged in. The designers also claim that the system can act as a “light therapy” device, which can help re-sync the owner’s natural circadian rhythm. If you live a busy, connected life than you’re constantly exposed to bright lights, so this could benefit you.

Apart from that, the system also offers an air filtration system. The way this works is that the indoor air enters the greenhouse via a “HEPA-like” mechanical filter, which removes pollen, mold, and dust. Next it goes through an activated carbon filter that further removes harmful toxic elements from it. This purified air then passes over the plant growing inside the unit, where it is oxygenated before being returned to the room. According to designers, the system can circulate 450 cubic feet of purified air every hour with the aid of its dual fans, which is enough to completely filter the air in a small room three times a day.

The system also has a dedicated app, which can be used to monitor and control its functions. The company is currently raising funds to begin the production process via Kickstarter. Since the goal of the campaign has already been met, the first units will start shipping in early 2017. You can still get one at a $60 discount for $139 by supporting the campaign.