The architecture firm LAAB of Hong Kong recently completed a renovation of a small apartment in the city. They were commissioned by a couple who bought the apartment because they wanted to be as close as possible to Hong Kong’s Central district, which is a very expensive place to live. They hired the firm to come up with a solution that would make the most of the available space, and LAAB succeeded in doing so.

The apartment measures just 309-sq ft (29-sq m) and the architects they hired decided to incorporate the dimension of time into their work. It might sound far-fetched, but it actually makes a lot of sense. To create as much usable space as possible for the couple, the architects designed the apartment so that it can be transformed according to the time of day. In other words, the features they installed can be pulled out or put away as required.


extra sitting

They achieved this via cleverly placed moveable walls, roll-down partitions, motorized drop-down cupboards, and under-floor storage. For example, an area of the apartment was designed to function as a bathroom with a bathtub, two separate bathroom spaces, a second sitting area of the living room or a guest room, home-cinema seating, or a guest bedroom. Since a lot of the apartment’s furniture and other items are designed to only be used when needed, they also designed clever storage spaces where they can be hidden when not in use. So the TV, dining table, and make-up table can all be stored flat when they are not needed.



The architects also made sure the owner’s three cats were taken care of. They installed a cat walkway around the ceiling, a cat ladder, and hid the litter box beneath the sink in the bathroom. Their food trays are hidden inside the kitchen cabinets, and the cats also got their own private den, which is hidden to offer them maximum privacy.


It took them awhile to come up with this design, but the final product is pretty amazing. It truly does not look like a tiny apartment at all.