The workplace is changing, and one place where this is most evident is the slow eradication of the traditional cubicle-filled office space. More and more companies are opting for a more all-inclusive open office environment. However, the latter do have those who oppose it, claiming a lack of privacy and distractions associated with working with a lot of people in the same room just doesn’t lead to good productivity.

To offset this, designer Dymitr Malcew of Singapore has come up with a line of movable office pods, which could alleviate this problem. I think they would also work great in small or studio apartments, since they offer a way to have a separate office space without having to put up any walls.

Dymitr’s office cubicles are called Treehouse office pods, since they were inspired by tree houses. They can be moved around on wheels. Treehouse office pods will be available in two versions. The smaller version is aimed at providing a private working space to those that desire it in an open office type of setting. And the larger version, which is basically just two of these office pods placed together, can be used for a more private meeting space.


The pods are made of wood, while the interior is lined with colorful cushions, which also make them noise-proof to some extent. The cushions look very comfy to sit or lounge on, though frankly I’d probably be tempted to take a nap rather than work in these pods.

Pictured below is an earlier design of the same concept, which is more open and offers less privacy. In this version, the cushions were also removable with the aim of being able to move them around the rest of the office space.


The Treehouse office pods seem like a good solution for bringing the best of both worlds into the modern office space, namely the privacy of the cubicle and the creative collaboration associated with having a wall-less office space.