Extended families living together in apartments are often faced with a lack of adequate space. This is exactly what PKMN Architectures tried to avoid in designing Casa MJE, which is located in Spain. Since the space they worked on was small, they wanted to make sure that not a single inch went to waste. To ensure this, they developed movable walls and folding furniture, which can turn the apartment into a two bedroom one, a one bedroom one, or simply make the entire area the lounge.



Casa MJE has a total floor space of 753 sq ft (70 sq m). The space can be subdivided using movable units, which are on wheels that run on rails and are therefore very easy to move. To create the bedrooms, the designers installed Murphy-style, pull-down beds to be used when needed. There are also pull-out dividers, which can be used to create additional smaller spaces. And if only a few family members are home, then the apartment can be turned into a studio, which is also great for throwing parties.



Since the wall units are easy to move, this process of transforming the apartment is relatively simple and easy, even with the cabinets filled. All the units and walls were also painted white to further give the impression of greater spaciousness, while the large windows let in plenty of natural daylight.



Personally I am a big fan of open plan apartment layouts, and the use of movable units such as these let you have that, along with the chance to also have smaller, more private spaces to retire to. These movable units aren’t a new thing, though they are generally used in smaller apartments. Casa MJE is the first larger apartment I’ve seen fitted with movable units, and I think it works really great here too.