Living small isn’t for everyone, but this wooden house is a prime example of just how an open plan design and plenty of large windows can make a home appear more spacious than it is. This home was designed by Check firm ASGK Design and is located in the eastern part of Bohemia, in the Czech Republic.


The house is called Zilvar and its interesting shape allowed the designers to orient it so as to get the maximum possible solar heat gain. The interior features an open plan living area, which includes a lounge, dining area and kitchen. The two bedrooms are located one on each side of this downstairs area. Two sets of modern, metal staircases lead up to the first floor loft area. Here there is a small office space, and another lounge area.





The house is also fitted with large glass sliding doors, which open onto a covered patio and work great to extend the living space. The windows also let in the sun’s warmth in winter, while in the summer, solar heat gain is prevented through the use of large sliding barn doors.



To make this home as energy-efficient as possible, the designers also employed the clever use of moveable elements, while the walls were constructed in a way that keeps heat in and moisture out, eliminating the need for a vapor barrier. The façade, roof and interior walls are all made from larch boards, while the exterior cladding was treated with the “burn and stain” technique to make it more durable.

The home is a great blend between a traditional wooden cabin and a modern residence. The open plan nature of the layout, the minimalistic furnishings and the undulating shape of the home also give it the sense of greater spaciousness and openness, as well as a great connection to the nature surrounding it. It’s like living in a vacation cabin, but with all the modern conveniences.