Tatiana Bilbao, an architect from Mexico has come up with an interesting design for a low cost house, which she revealed at the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial. The home she presented can be built for just $8000 and is therefore very suitable as a social housing alternative, and Bilbao is hopeful it will one day be used as such in her home country. The home was designed and built based on interviewing people who are in need of affordable housing, thus taking into account their wishes and needs.


The home is very flexible and colorful, but it is also rather rudimentary. It is comprised of a central core made from concrete blocks, with modules made from wooden pallets placed around it, making up the general shape and layout of the home. The use of pallets in this way makes it possible to expand the house easily, as well as alter it quickly should the need arise. The pallets were also used as windows, seeing as they offer great ventilation and let in plenty of light.


Bilbao has come up with several possible plants and layouts for the home. One of these is for a two-bedroom home that is big enough to house a family. This one also contains a bathroom, a kitchen, and a dining and living area.