Zinc is one of the most commonly occurring materials on our planet, and lends itself well to architectural purposes. This is mainly due to the fact that it is very resistant to corrosion, highly durable, and easy to maintain. As such it works great as cladding for buildings, which is exactly what the Studio Weave designers did with it when constructing this beautiful artist’s studio. The place is called Midden Studio, and it is located on the west coast of Scotland.


The studio is made up of two slightly offset buildings, which together create the 380 square foot (36 sq m) studio. The structure was actually built on top of an existing midden wall in a place where they used to deposit dung from the old stables located nearby. A part of the studio is perched over a stream, which is visible through a window built into the floor of the part that overhangs it.


The designers created this studio out of two buildings primarily to solve the problem of natural daylight entering the house. Due to the nature of the work done by the artist who commissioned the studio, one part of the building needed softer light for digital work, and the other part needed direct, bright light for drawing and painting. The studio also has a wash area.


The entire outside of the studio is covered in zinc, which includes the walls, roof and the gutters. Inside the metal gives way to wood. The studio is made from sustainably sourced timber and is super insulated, as well as cold-bridge free which means very little heating is needed. To line the interior walls and floors, the designers used birch plywood, which can easily be changed up should they be spattered by paint, or otherwise damaged during the artist’s creative process.