From spending less time tidying, to clearing out the clutter, there are a number of reasons to get organised at home. However, saving the planet is probably the last thing on your mind when you start. Although it’s easy to overlook, everything we buy has an impact on the environment.

Here are four eco-storage alternatives that make it easier to get your house in order, and take care of the world at the same time.


1. Think about what you throw out

De-cluttering is often the first step to getting organised. Over time our homes fill up with things we no longer need, or use. Considering throwing these items away? Take a moment to re-consider.


Every year we send mountains of household items to landfill, most of which is still usable. Could you pass that old chest of drawers on to a family member, make some extra money by selling it on eBay, or give it a new home with sites like Freecycle?


If you’ve tried all of the above with no success, try taking it to your local household waste site to see if they can recycle it on your behalf.

2. Re-use. Re-cycle

Naturally, the most environmentally-friendly thing you can do with the things you no longer need is to re-use them. This stops rubbish going to landfill, saves you a trip to the shops to buy replacements and ultimately saves you money.



The key is to be creative. Could you turn that old bookshelf on its side, or hang it on the wall and create a cupboard? Can you use those old filing cabinets for storage in the garage? How about turning those unwanted pallets and wooden crates into quirky storage spaces?


Once you start, you’ll discover hundreds of ways to breathe new life into your old belongings and bring a touch of shabby chic to your home in the process.

3. Buy green

If you’re still considering buying storage boxes, go for a greener option. Many places now stock recycled cardboard containers and recycled plastic boxes – made from unwanted carrier bags – which are better for the planet and your pocket.


4. Do your homework on self-storage

Sometimes, you have so much stuff, your only logical option is to rent a self-storage unit. However, before you go ahead and jump in, it pays to do your homework; as some companies are more environmentally friendly than others.

SafestoreWeb26-2384959631-Oweb (1)

Safestore have an environmental policy that covers everything from the way their buildings are constructed, to the way they are lit and operated. Look out for companies that have invested in renewable energy, or have a track record of working in greener ways.

Once you’re organised, you’ll be less likely to lose things and far less likely to buy replacements that you don’t need. Less clutter will also mean less cleaning. So you’ll use fewer chemical cleaning products that can pollute our environment.

By getting into good habits and recycling and reusing more, you’ll send less to landfill and cut-down the amount of rubbish that goes to waste. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference you can make just by tackling the spare room in an eco-friendly waystorage-unit