The company Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses of Colorado has just unveiled their newest tiny home creation called Front Range. The home is mounted on a custom made 18-foot (5.4-m) two-wheeled trailer, and is selling for just $37,000. The price and the size of Front Range should appeal to anyone looking to downsize to a tiny home that is also quite sustainable.


The Front Range tiny house features an open plan layout with high ceilings, which add to the feeling of spaciousness. The exterior of the home is clad in cedar planks on the upper part, and cedar lap on the lower part. Cedar shakes were used as cladding for the endwalls, while the shell of the tiny home was made using SIPs. One of the best things about this home is that it was made using primarily repurposed materials. The door, windows, and metal siding were all reclaimed. The home also features a sloping roof, which would be great for rainwater collection. However, the Front Range does not come with a rainwater catchment system. Yet future owners can install one should they wish to.



The interior is comprised of a centrally located kitchen area, a lounge area near the front door, and a bathroom at the other end. The bedroom is located in a lofted area accessible via a ladder. The home was decorated with rustic charm in mind, and it is clad in wood, while the counters are handmade from locally felled Douglas fir trees. The home also features plenty of storage space in the form of ample kitchen shelving, plenty of cupboards, a small wall-mounted cubbyhole, as well as a medicine cabinet and a good amount of shelving throughout the living areas. The kitchen is fully equipped, and features a sink and faucet, a two-burner propane stove, and a fridge with a freezer. Hot water is provided via a propane powered on-demand water heater.