Small House on Tracks is the name of a unique new tiny home project, which was envisioned by Tomasz Zablotny and Paweł Maszota, two architecture students from Poland. They designed a number of tiny homes, which are also expandable, and which can be moved around on the rail tracks at the Gdańsk Shipyard.

The tiny houses will be built from laminated wood and steel, and each would measure only 6.85 x 4.92 x 7.97 feet (209 x 150 x 243 cm) when unoccupied or being transported. Once in use, it will be possible to pull the homes outwards and increase their length by 3.2 feet (1 m). The interior of each tiny house features a kitchenette, a pull-out table which also serves as a countertop, and a sofa, which can be turned into a bed. There is also a skylight, which offers plenty of natural light during the day. The homes also feature a solar power array, which provides a portion of their power needs.




The Small House on Tracks is still in the concept stage, and is part of a call for ideas on how to reinvigorate Gdańsk Shipyard, which has been in decline. The Small House on Rails community is meant to provide housing for artists of all media, who could use them as studio space.


Since the homes are envisioned to sit on rails, they could also be pushed around, which would give the community added flexibility. Though, the same could also be achieved by simply fitting them with wheels, and make them independent of the rail system. The proposal doesn’t mention details on plumbing or exactly how much power is needed to run the homes. The details on how precisely they can be joined together or expanded is also not explained. Overall, however, it is a pretty unique concept, which does take into account the existing rail infrastructure and upcycles it into something useful again.