While tiny homes are all awesome, they do start to also look alike after awhile. So it’s really nice to see some of them designed in unique styles. The Lilypad is an example of a beautifully designed and furnished tiny house. The interior décor was inspired by traditional Moroccan and Indian style and the result is quite mesmerizing.


The Lilypad measures 248 square feet, but it’s interior layout features cleverly spaced lofts, which make it possible to have an open central space with a full height ceiling. The reason why the owner Anita decided to downsize to a tiny home was so she could pursue her dream of becoming an animal massage therapist. The Lilypad was built in collaboration with Lina Menard of Niche Consulting, and Small House Oregon. It rests atop a 24-foot long trailer, and is 8.5 feet wide and 13 feet 5 inches tall at the highest point.

Height and openness of the interior were the two main concerns for Anita, and both have been wonderfully realized. The tiny home features two lofts, with two staircases leading to them. One of the lofts is a sitting room, while the other is the bedroom, and they are both lined with decorative lattice screens similar to the jali found in traditional Indian interiors. Storage space is cleverly concealed inside the stairs, as is the litter box for Anita’s cat. The stairs also hide a pull out table. Colors and textures from Morocco and India used throughout make this tiny home feel like a traditional home or tent in one of those countries.