The firm Arcgency from Copenhagen, Denmark, has recently designed and built a shipping container office which takes into account the advantages and disadvantages of using containers as primary building materials. The office is called Made to be Moved, since it can be easily taken apart and reassembled in a new location, and it is recycled as well as recyclable.


Made to be Moved is made of repurposed shipping containers, which were stacked three high to create this 7,104 square foot (660 square meter) office. The builders painted the exterior of the containers grey to create the uniform look of the building, but otherwise left them in the original condition. The interior features mostly office and workspace, with spaces for secondary work functions such as meeting rooms, workshops and storage.





Proper insulation is one of the main concerns when with shipping container construction, especially in a cold climate like Scandinavia. To achieve adequate insulation, Arcgency used 11-in (300-mm) Rockwool insulated sandwich panels with a U-value of 0.13 W/m2K.