It’s always nice to see recycled materials being used to build homes, and when it’s done with tiny homes it’s even more commendable. Ron Rusnak from Ashland, Oregon recently did just that. He turned a decommissioned trailer into a tiny home. He then sold it on Craigslist for $36,500 to a homeowner from Portland.

To build the home, Ron retrofitted the shell of an old trailer, and used it to build a 200-square-foot tiny home. The home has lots of windows, which lets in plenty of light, aids ventilation and makes the interior space appear larger. The tiny home also features two doors, which are both glazed to let in even more light. The entire home is well insulated, making it perfectly suitable for use in colder climates.

The tiny home also contains a very well-sized kitchen fitted with 24-inch cabinets, as well as normal sized appliances and a sink with a pull-down faucet. For people who want to live tiny and still enjoy a full kitchen this is a dream come true.




The downstairs area features the kitchen and living room, with a space for dining and working. There is also a bathroom, with a toilet, sink and even a 32-inch shower. The bedroom is located in the loft, which is accessible via a ladder. The bed fills the entire loft, and looks quite cozy. Most of the storage is located in the living area. The home also has a removable 5-feet by 16-feet deck made of cedar wood, which can be used to extend the living area and stowed away for transport.





Wood was used for the exterior cladding, but Ron also left some of the original features of the trailer in place, which gives this home a very unique feel. He also proved that with a bit of thinking outside the box, a comfortable tiny home is not something that has to be designed and built from the ground up. It also shows that a trailer home does not have to look like, well, a trailer home.