It’s no secret that TetraPaks are a huge problem when it comes to protecting the environment, and so far, other than disposing of them properly, not much can be done with them once they are empty. That is until now! The Italian design studio Fatello! has come up with a way to upcycle TetraPaks into very nice looking lamps.

The Noctambula lamp, as it is called, was designed by Mireia Gordi Vila and Federico Trucchia who have released their creation as an open design framework. It will soon be released for free in the form of a set of instructions. In general the firm’s main goal is finding innovative and unique ways of repurposing or upcyling common household waste materials into useful products, that may or may not be different than their original purpose. In creating the Noctambula lamp, they focused on making use of the technical and design possibilities of TetraPaks. Since TetraPaks are basically just layered paper, plastic and aluminum, they lend themselves well to being turned into a conductive material for low voltage circuitry.



In the Noctambula lamp the aluminum layer of the TetraPak is turned into an electrical conductor, and the circuit pattern is created by cutting out a part of it. Batteries and LEDs can then be hooked up to this circuit. The cut up TetraPak is then folded into a unique shape to produce the lamp. In this way, the lamp is actually the circuit and so requires no additional components, and the lampshade is actually the lamp itself.

Needless to say, this lamp will be quite easy to make. Fatello! have not yet released the plans, but once they do, it will be under a Creative Commons license. After that, they will also begin selling a kit with all the needed components and tools (minus the TetraPak) through their site.