Architect Leo Qvarsebo from Sweden recently built a family vacation home by mainly using recycled materials. The cabin is a modern reincarnation of the traditional A-frame cabin, and the architect likes to think of it as a “treehouse for adults.” And there’s certainly no denying that it’s a lot of fun.

The cabin was built in in Dalarna, Sweden, in the middle of an idyllic landscape. The home has a sloping roof, which reaches all the way to the ground. It is designed as a climbing wall, and is interspersed with large windows, that offer great daylighting, ventilation and views. In the winter, the design also protects the roof from the copious amounts of snow the region most likely gets. Given that this is meant as a summer cottage, the insulation was kept to a minimum.


The interior is comprised of various, overlapping spaces not separated in any way, which gives the occupants a feeling of connection and intimacy. The main aim of the design is to bring the occupants together, as well as allow them to be as close to the natural world outside as possible.

The reason why the house could be called a treehouse for adults lies in the fact that it is multileveled, with the only real privacy to be gotten at the top. That’s also where the best views are. All the levels are accessible via a central staircase.