There are many reasons why people choose to downsize and move to a tiny home, though mostly these reasons stem from financial concerns to some degree. This was also at the core of the decision to build and move to a tiny home for student couple Jess and Dan Sullivan of Burrillville, Rhode Island. They built their tiny home from primarily wood, and used a lot of repurposed and recycled materials to finish it up. They also made it off-the-grid to avoid further costs.

Their home measures only 128 square feet, which is super small for a couple, but apparently they’re making it work. There’s enough room for a living area, a small kitchen with a stove, and a Coleman iceless cooler as a fridge, a bathroom and a lofted bedroom, which is accessible via a ladder. They even managed to squeeze in a small office space. As for the off-the-grid features, they get their water by way of water bricks and a portable filtered Berkey container. They also installed solar panels, while the home also features a composting toilet and a propane stove.




To make the home appear as spacious as possible, they also installed large windows throughout, which seems to have done the trick. The home also has clever storage throughout, mostly in the form of shelving on the room partitions, which are mostly made from reclaimed doors. For example, the shelving in the kitchen is made from a reclaimed barn door. To make the most of the space here, they installed a steel basin that sits into the counter and serves as a sink. When not in use they cover it with a bamboo cutting board to form the counter.