There is something so whimsical about treehouses and I for one would love to have one. Especially one as beautiful and sustainable as the Nest treehouse. It was recently build by the company ArtisTree for Cypress Valley Canopy Tours out of Texas, and it features the perfect blend of unique design, recycled and reclaimed materials and alternative energy. It also offers wildlife conservation since it will double as a butterfly sanctuary.


Cypress Valley Canopy Tours offers adventure tourism and now they have added an eco-friendly hotel to the lineup since the treehouse can be rented out. The Nest treehouse is located over a gorgeous ravine and is basically split up into a number of functional spaces, which are connected via walkways. It features a kitchen, and three sleeping areas located in a single pod. Most of the wood used to build the treehouse was taken from the woods surrounding it, while they also used reclaimed pallet wood and cider casks to give the building a unique look. The arch supports of the structure are made of metal to give it the necessary lateral bracing.





The sleeping pod has beds as well as sitting space and is decorated with refurbished materials and items. The floor spaces are circular, since the designers deemed this to be the most natural shape for living in. For insulation a lightweight radiant barrier was used, while some of the separate structures also have green roofs. The treehouse is equipped with an outdoor shower, though an enclosed bathroom was also built for use on colder days. All electricity comes from solar panels and wind turbines.





This treehouse is a perfect retreat for families eager for some adventure. It’s nice to see such a well thought out eco-friendly and self-sufficient hotel. And best of all, anyone can enjoy some time in it.