(Model: Aster, a tiny round home)

Deltec Homes introduces three new models to their line of high performance and net-zero homes, the Renew Collection. The new models include the Aster, an 861-square-foot tiny round home; the Chestnut, an Arts and Crafts-style home; and the Highland, a modern design.

The Aster was created amidst the tiny home movement. The idea was to make it have an extremely small footprint, but enough outdoor space and openness to make it very livable. The Chestnut is a craftsman-style home that Deltec anticipates to be very popular for those who like the old bungalow charm without the inefficiencies.


(Model: Chestnut, an Arts and Crafts-style home)

The Highland is the largest home in the collection with 1669-2170 square feet. Leigha Dickens, green building and sustainability manager for Deltec describes it as “very modern, spacious and offers a lot of natural light, while keeping passive solar design potential in mind.”

With the addition of these models, there are nine homes in the Renew Collection. Each is designed to use two-thirds less energy than a traditional home. The remaining one-third can be powered with renewable energy, making yearly energy use net-zero. The pre-designed floorplans enable a faster and more cost-effective build.  “We want high performance and net-zero homes to be more attainable,” said Dickens. “I think a large part of that is eliminating the time and costs that goes into designing a custom home.”


(Model: Highland, a modern design home)

 This is the first addition to the Renew Collection since it launched in 2013. Deltec plans to continue adding new models each year.

“A lot goes of research goes into designing a home that performs on this level,” said Dickens. “However, we want to have models that appeal to everyone, so it’s a challenge we’re eager to take on.”

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Information about Deltec Homes:

Deltec Homes is an award-winning prefabricated home manufacturer based out of Asheville, N.C. Founded in 1968, Deltec offers round, traditional and modern prefabricated home kits that are best known for their energy efficiency, flexible floor plans, hurricane and high wind resistance.

They pride themselves on manufacturing their homes sustainably in a production plant that is powered with 100 percent renewable energy. Their focus is to minimize waste and improve the environment while providing customers with the strongest homes possible.

To learn more about Deltec Homes or the Renew Collection, visit or call 800-642-2508.