European cities are full of tiny apartments, which are usually all hallways, walls and tiny rooms. It’s always nice to see these small apartments renovated in a more modern way, which manages to make the most of the available space. When it comes to this German apartment the architecture and design studio Spamroom from Berlin, did a great job. They made it happen with a multi-purpose central unit, as has been the case with many tiny apartment transformations lately, and making full use of the available vertical space.

The so-called Micro-Apartment Moabit measures just 226 sq ft (21 sq m). It was originally made up of two tiny rooms, one of which had been converted into a bathroom by a previous owner. Spamroom started the renovation by first opening the space by removing all interior walls, and other surface layers added to the flat over the years. From this blank canvas they then created a sleeping area, a fully-equipped kitchen, a compact bathroom and ample storage.



The multipurpose central unit was used to split the living area lengthways. A corridor kitchen was built on one side of the unit. It features large windows that let in plenty of light, and is equipped with compact appliances, while the cupboards offer plenty of storage.

The other side of the unit houses the main living area from where it is also possible to enter the bathroom, which is located inside the central unit. The bathroom is small at 22 sq ft (2 sq m) but very functional, and accessible via a sliding door. A skylight was installed to provide light. The living room also houses a working area created by way of a slightly extended windowsill.




The walls of the apartment are very high and the builders made full use of that by placing the sleeping area into a mezzanine level using a partially cantilevered steel structure. The loft is accessible via a steel staircase that is attached to the wall.