Architect Todd Miller of Oregon Cottage Company recently designed this awesome Japanese architecture inspired tiny home. The client it was built for had grown up in Japan and wanted a home that resembled a traditional Japanese tearoom.

The home measures 134 square feet, and instead of sofas or benches, all sitting areas are provided by tatami mats. The sitting area is the size of three tatami mats and is located on a raised floor, which also contains storage drawers. The room also features a sunken tea-warming hearth, and a hidden tea-serving chest, as well as the so-called “honoring alcove” (tokonoma), where artistic items are traditionally displayed. The tiny home even has a minuscule 28.5 by 28.5 inch “guest entrance” into the tea room, which is in keeping with the traditions of such a space. The host enters the room through a separate entrance.





The tiny house also has a very functional kitchen with a 5-foot long kitchen counter as well as a small dining area. The sleeping space is located in a lofted area that is accessible via a sliding red oak ladder. This area is covered by three tatami mats and fitted with two large skylights, which provide ample light and great ventilation.



The bathroom was also designed in the Japanese style, and features a Japanese Ofulo 1-TP soaking tub, which can also be used as a shower. Even though traditional Japanese bathrooms usually do not have the toilet in the same space as the shower, space constraints of this tiny home did force them to forgo this stipulation and put a composting toilet into the bathroom.


This tiny home cost $34,500 to build and it is a great example of just how versatile and unique tiny homes can be.