Water shortage is becoming a noticeable problem in a lot of areas of the world due to climate change and over population. That is why low flow and grey water recycling fixtures are so welcome. One of these is the new ReFlow G2RSystem, which is, according to its designers, the Vancouver-based Re-Flow team, capable of saving up to 30 percent of the average household’s water use.

The system works by recycling grey-water from the shower or bath to the toilet tank, where if can be used for flushing.

The ReFlow G2RSystem is made up of a compact decentralized grey-water collection unit. The collector nozzle of the system is designed to connect to the juncture of the overflow drain of the bathtub, and in this way reroute the drained water back into the ReFlow’s water storage tank. This reclaimed water is then fed through a filter and disinfected before being gravity-fed into the back of the toilet tank.



The ReFlow system is very simple and unobtrusive and also does not take up a lot of room in the bathroom, making it suitable for small or tiny homes as well. It can be installed by one person in less than an hour using just a screwdriver. It can also be easily disassembled and reassembled in another bathroom, or after a renovation.

Apart from recycling grey-water in the home, it also lessens the load on the municipal sewage system, which helps conserve water systems and local ecology. Homeowners in California, where droughts are becoming a severe problem for many, the ReFlow system could go a long way towards alleviating their water shortage problem.

The design is currently still in the proof-of-concept prototype stage. Next they need to develop the components to begin mass-production of the system. The design is in compliance with international planning codes and also meets all the health and quality standards of reclaimed water for reuse.

The ReFlow team is currently raising money to bring the product to the public via an Indiegogo campaign. Funding options to get one of the first units start at $800, and they plan to begin shipping them in November of this year.