The Newark, NJ-based Cor-10 Concepts LLC and the nonprofit organization Community Asset Preservation Corp. have partnered up to construct a three-unit apartment complex in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Newark ,which will be made out of recycled shipping containers.

The project is aimed towards providing low cost housing in the area, which has still not quite recovered from the financial crisis. They also hope the project will help inspire others to look to shipping container architecture when planning their next construction project. Given that Newark has one of the largest ports, building out of decommissioned shipping containers makes a lot of sense there.

The three-story building will be made out of 18 shipping containers, each with 8-foot-10-inch ceilings heights. The containers will be cut and assembled in such a way that each apartment unit will measure 1,034 square feet and contain a spacious, open plan living/dining/kitchen area, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The shipping container condos will be welded to concrete-and-steel piers, which will help to reduce overall costs as it eliminates the expense of excavating and building foundation walls in a basement. The estimated construction costs for the whole complex are $90 to $95 per square foot. The complex will be insulated using spray-foam insulation to create a tight seal, which will reduce heating and cooling costs. The homes will also feature large windows, to aid ventilation and provide plenty of natural daylight.



The project is currently waiting for approval from Newark’s planning department, and once it gets it, which the designers are hopeful will happen soon, construction on the site at 393 Halsey Street will begin. The builders estimate that it will take three to five months to complete. Prices for the apartments will range from $225,000 to $250,000.