Seattle, Washington resident Candice Ding built a tiny home for herself and her elderly mother. She decided to take on the project, after they were not approved for a senior’s apartment. She built the home by hand using a Fencl plan as inspiration.


One of the first things that becomes apparent when looking at this tiny home is just how much natural light is let into the house. The home features large windows, as well a skylight, which also adds the illusion of spaciousness.

The lower level of the home houses a living and dining area and a small kitchen. There is also a lofted area, accessible via a clever staircase. This is where Candice’s mother sleeps, while Candice sleeps in a small bedroom next to the kitchen. Candice loves her new home, and her mom is also getting used to it, though she still sometimes misses the 1,200-square-foot condominium in which she lived until recently while still in China.