The architecture studio Reform from Poland is planning to build a very unique home in the woods. They’re calling the project Izabelin House, and a large portion of its exterior façade will be covered by mirrors, which sort of makes it look as though the upper floor of the home is just floating in midair in the forest.

Pretty weird, but pretty cool also. The design was inspired by nature itself and the wish to “insert the building into the environment,” according to the architects.


Izabelin House is a modular two-story home, which is to be built on using traditional reinforced concrete construction. It will measures 4,305 sq ft (400 sq m) which will be divided between a large, open plan living and dining area, a huge kitchen, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an office, and a two-car garage. There will also be a covered terrace extending out from the living room on the ground floor. This deck blends with the rest of the home practically seamlessly.



Since this large home is to be built in the middle of the forest, the biggest challenge faced by the architects will be making sure the trees on the building site are not harmed in the construction process. Another problem will also be preventing birds from flying into the mirrored façade, which will be almost completely reflective.


They hope the fact that the façade is on the ground level only, this alone will partially solve this problem, since birds tend to fly higher. They are also working with an ornithologist to find a deterrent device that is capable of emitting sounds to chase away birds.

Izabelin House will take about one year to construct, and will cost a mind boggling $1 million to build. It is a very cool idea in terms of blending with its environment though. No word yet on which, or if any sustainable features it will have, though given the fact that it’s to be built in the woods, at least some sort of off-the-grid power generation is probably a must.