The actual shipping containers were not altered much for the construction of this home. Judging from the photos, seven were used for the top floor and seven for the ground level with one placed vertically and spanning both floors.




To reduce energy costs and avoid excessive heat gain in the summer months, the designers employed overhands and porches which work to shield the windows from direct sunlight, while keeping the view open and still letting ample sunlight into the home. The roof deck actually acts as a solar screen for the insulated single-ply membrane roof below, which both reduces energy costs and extends the lifespan of the roof.



All the windows and glass doors are high performance and double insulated, which also helps prevent heat gain or loss, while the home does also have heating and air-conditioning systems in place. It was insulated using a combination of closed and open cell spray-on insulation, and was also fitted with low-water consumption fixtures for greater water efficiency.