The living room is fitted with a large window, which lets in plenty of light and can be turned into a guest bed at need. The kitchen is fitted with a convection oven and a small fridge. The bathroom is quite spacious, and features a water-saving toilet as well as a Jacuzzi bathtub, while it is also pre-wired for an incinerating toilet. The home also features a 1,500-watt electrical fireplace, which is located under the stairs that lead to the loft.




The lofted sleeping area is 7 feet tall, and furnished like a real bedroom. It is accessible via a tiny staircase, with storage built into the steps. The home can also be transported more easily than most other tiny homes. This is due to its unique design, namely that the walls of the loft and the ceiling panels can be folded down, enabling the home to be able to fit on a 20-foot flatbed trailer.

Chris is currently selling the tiny home for $70,000, which is a bit high, but does include all the appliances and delivery within 50 miles of Portland, Oregon.