Entrepreneur Roy Solomon is currently busy overseeing the building of a unique center in Albuquerque NM, which will be build entirely out of shipping containers. The center will be located at a busy location near I-40 and Carlisle Boulevard. It is called Green Jeans and it will house shops, offices and restaurants.

The construction is still in its early stages, but the finished center will stretch over 1.5 acres of land. Judging from the renderings, about fifteen 40-foot shipping containers will be used for the construction. Some of these shipping containers are already on site, and house Solomon’s hydroponic farm, which he started inside two shipping container about a year and a half ago. These farms will be integrated into the center once it is complete.




Solomon homes the farms will produce enough fruits and vegetables for a year-round farmer’s market at Green Jeans. The hydroponic farming inside the shipping container farms is still in the experimental stages, though according to Solomon they are even trying to grow strawberries and tomatoes. He is using large lights for providing sunlight and is growing the plants in a coconut-based soil mixture. In the future, he is also planning on getting local schools involved in the hydroponic farming process, to, as he put it “show kids where real food comes from.”

At this stage, Solomon is looking for tenants of the center. He already signed with Santa Fe Brewing Co. which could be up and running by the summer. According to his concept for the center he would like it to include an eatery, a coffee shop, a wine bar, a flower bar, a spice depot, as well as various health and nutrition-based businesses.




According to Solomon, the Green Jeans shipping container center will be open by Memorial Day.