This gorgeous tiny home in one of the most beautiful places in the world, namely Hawaii, was built by tiny house builder and dressmaker Kristie Wolfe from Boise, Idaho. A few years ago she built another tiny home, called Tiny House on the Prairie, in which she has been living in since. The money she saved by downsizing has now allowed her to build this second, off-the-grid tiny home, which she plans to use as primarily a vacation home.


Her first project, the Tiny House on the Prairie, was completed in February 2011, and she built it using only reclaimed materials, spending a grand total of only $3000. She adapted to living in her new 97 square foot home almost instantly, and has been living there ever since.

The tiny home she constructed in Hawaii was a little more expensive and cost $11,000 to build. Together with other expenses, such as flights, truck, rent and food the total cost came to about $15,000. It took her two months to build it, and stands on land she purchased for $8,000. All told, she now has a vacation home in Hawaii for $23,000.

The home is entirely custom-designed and built primarily out of wood and bamboo. It is also totally off-the grid, meaning the day to day cost of running it will be negligible or non-existent. It is equipped with a solar power array that supplies all the necessary power to the home. There is also a rainwater collection system, as well as a clever toilet and sink combo, which allows for the used water from the sink to be used to flush. The water, which is used for flushing is first pumped into the sink to allow you to wash your hands before flushing. The home has a bedroom and bathroom, as well as space for a kitchen, though the latter is still not finished.


The home is also elevated slightly off the ground, leaving the ground floor open and spacious enough for a comfy, custom-designed hanging bed, which Kristie made from a trampoline. She plans to rent it out while she’s not there, though I, for one, would love to live in this gorgeous tiny home full time.


You can see the entire presentation of how the home was built in this video filmed by Fair Companies: http://youtu.be/q3Fu2gTDMug