The home can be hooked up to the electrical grid, but the basic units also already have hook ups for harvesting solar or wind power. Should the owners desire to take it off-the-grid completely, this is possible through the ordering of extra features and technologies, which will make this home completely self-sufficient in any climate. Other off-the-grid options also include a choice between a composting toilet or an incinerating toilet, as well as hydro-electric power, and a rainwater catchment system.




In 2015, the makers of the Heirloom tiny home will also release the Tiny Heirloom Home Automation System next year, which will feature hands-free light operation, voice activated door locks, auto-leveling jacks, and automated thermostats, all of which can be controlled via an iOS or Android device. The base Tiny Heirloom unit costs $65,000 and can be easily towed to anywhere in the country.