Mini House was developed as a collaboration between architect and designer Jonas Wagell and the Swedish house producer Sommarnöjen, and could be used as a cabin or guest house. Due to its success, the company has now developed Mini House 2.0, which could conceivably become a true family home. And the best thing about it is the speed with which in can be built.

The basic Mini House measured a modest 161 square feet (15 square meters), with the new version being available in a longer length, offering the option to extend the home’s size up to 295 square feet (90 square meters). Since the construction is modular, the single units can be attached one to another to form a larger home. The new version also has a lot more extras and add-ons to choose from. These homes are built using recyclable and prefab materials.

Future owners are able to design the interior layout of the home according to their own wishes and needs. All the plans are then finalized before prefabrication begins, meaning that the home is ready to use as soon as it is assembled on site. The homes all feature wooden flooring and wooden-paneled interior walls, which is in keeping with traditional Swedish architecture, and electrical wiring and insulation are included in the base price of the home. The homes also come with a spacious covered deck for outdoor lounging.


After they are prefabricated, the modular homes are delivered to the building site on a lorry in sections. The homes require only a plinth foundation to be erected, though a bathroom and plumbing would require at least a sewage system to be in place before construction begins.




The makers are discussing plans to make the Mini House 2.0 available to a wider customer base soon, but for now it is only available in Sweden. The basic unit costs US$29,550 (€24,000), while a unit with a kitchen is priced at $41,860 (€34,000).