A lot of effort has gone into developing transparent solar cells lately, since they could be attached to windows easily with no loss of light. But CSEM, a Swiss non-profit technology company, has now developed white solar cells, which can easily be integrated into a building’s walls.

In fact, the solar panels CSEM developed can come in a variety of colors, and therefore cater to a number of architecture and design needs without any harm done to the aesthetic appearance of a building. However, the scientists spent the most time developing the white panels, since this color is the most versatile, but also because white solar panels would not heat up as much as those of other colors. This raises their efficiency, and extends their lifespan, as they are not getting overheated. Furthermore if white panels were used to cover the entire roof of a building, for example, the structure itself would be cooler as a result, reducing its energy demands.

The white solar panels the researchers developed are made up of a colored plastic layer that goes over the actual solar energy harvesting panel. This plastic layer works as a scattering filter which reflects all visible light, while at the same time letting in infrared rays. And the best part about this panel system, is that it can be used with any existing crystalline silicon solar cell technology.

According to CSEM, the panels can either be attached to existing solar panel modules or integrated into a new ones during assembly, and they can be used on both flat and curved surfaces. The panels are available in a wide variety of colors, and they do have the power to make solar power arrays virtually invisible. This technology would also allow solar panels to be integrated into a larger surface area of any building, allowing even massive structures to become independent of the grid.

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